Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Travel?

Yes, indeed. My original clinic card read, "Have Table, Will Travel." Usually an extra fee is attached to cover gas, set up and travel time. Holistic Health Services has done quality bodywork and nutritive consultations across the USA and even out of country.

Where are you located?

Please email for directions.

Contact information:

Phone Consulations are available 24/7
Cell:    (760) 716-8571

What are your fees for Services?

I work on a flex scale depending upon the person's income and ease of pay. Many compromised individuals have sparing income and we moderate our fees to accommodate such people. Basically Sessions may begin at Forty dollars an hour with Consultations at the same rate. Senior Rates apply.

What Modalities do you use with your work?

Light to Deep Tissue Shiatsu creates profound vascularity along with parasympathetic technique. This complements the individual's unique needs as they constantly change. Holistic Health Services specializes in creating Thixotropy and also promotes quality self help methods such as Bio Energetics and Postural Integration. The Dynamic world of quality Bodywork demands versatility, flexibility and experience.

What Times are you available?

Along with Holistic Health Services flexible rates, we have discovered being available at flexible times works real well with clients on the go and committed to busy family orientated lifestyles. We are confident a good time for the work needed will be found. Weekend Sessions are also available as are evenings also.

When did you begin your career in Natural Health?

Growing up in a small town in Michigan found me working at my father's pharmacy at an early age and continuing on through high school. After college I began work in Hospitals as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist. However, many jobs in Health Food Stores and Vegetarian Restaurants really perked my interest in the Natural Healing Arts as my exposure to quality therapists and healers grew. One never stops learning. My passion for Natural Health is real, genuine and inspires me to assist others in their healing process. Knowledge is power. The Power that made the body can heal the body.