olistic Health Services offers Naturopathic, Wellness Oriented Nutritive Consultations focusing on Healing, Massage, Bodywork, Structural Therapy and Dynamic Physical Conditioning Exercises. Rolfing, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Total Body Sessions are Tailored with the individuals specific needs in mind. Personal Training, Conditioning and Coaching in many Sports are also offered. Life Coaching in Culinary Arts and Nutritional Research are available through Consultation.

The Power That Made the Body

Heals the Body

Our Finely Trained Natural Health Practitioners offer their expertise in the following
areas of Wellness, Healing and Fitness: Kinesiology, Chronobiology, Aromatherapy,
Thai Massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Colonic & Mineral Therapy, Solar Nutrition,
Solar Juice Fasts, Cranial Sacral, Postural Integration, Neural Muscular Pain & Stress Relief, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thixotropy, Connective Tissue Release, Increased Flexibility, Nutritional Consultations, Antioxidant, also Immune System enhancement using Adaptogens.

We also offer Personal Instruction, Coaching and Personal Training in these specialized areas: Tennis, Natural Golf w/ Postured Alignment, Aqua Aerobics, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Biking, Basketball, Ocean Distance Swimming, Pool Lap Conditioning. Range of Motion, Stretching & Strengthening Exercise Protocols are professionaly outlined.

Holistic or Natural Health is a great path of Personal Discovery and Self Healing. Through Self Awareness and empowering techniques, one learns to Master the Energies within which shape and control our Destiny. Working with One's Chi through Breath, Visualization, and Meditation we fuel ourselves for dynamic change. Our Self Esteem rises and our Personal Image of ourselves becomes healthier and more positive. This shifts to Cells within the body. This produces a healing.

There are No Quick Fixes in a Quality Natural Health Program. One must spend months working to create Healthier patterns and a more productive Lifestyle. Yet, this adventure in Health begins with one very important item: Thought. A great Teacher once said, "As a Man Thinketh, so is He." True Healing begins on a Cellular Level and remains constant and true.
Holistic Health Services encourages everyone to exercise, follow the Consulted Nutritive approach to a better, more thorough, dynamic, intelligent fueling of the body. Please refer to the Research Tab and review; Solar Nutrition as applied to "Eat Right For Your Type." Of all the very complex, researched Nutritive Programs, ours is one of the most simple, competent and referenced, while remaining simple to understand and use.
Holistic Health Services Wishes You a Happy, Healthy, Productive Day.

Robert R. Ballentine H.H.P.
Holistic Health Practitioner