Mission Statement

"It's not the destination, it's the journey," describes Holistic Health. All the years spent working in Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food Stores led me to some real conclusions. Health is normal to the body supplied by quality nutrients. Most health situations result from attrition, deficiencies and poor nutrition.

The challenge then is to create an integral, functional program for everyone, yet, work with all as individuals. This involves many one on one consultations and therapy sessions. Over time one begins to view the body as a whole, working together to assist healing and regeneration.

Holistic Health Services general manager, Robert Ballentine, H.H.P. believes in Wellness, Longevity, and the bodies ability to heal itself when provided the nutrients it may presently be deficient in. The body is made wonderfully and has inherent, marvelous systems of support that work synergistically to boost ones immune function and heal tissue.

Using Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathic, and other time tested Naturopathic regimes such as Iridology, Solar Nutrition, Supplemental analysis, a view or direction is obtained. Further consultation reveals lifestyle, exercise and thought patterns that may be benefiting or creating blocks for ones self.

Robert R. Ballentine has been practicing Natural Health for over 35 years and has worked successfully with thousands of clients. (Please review testimonials) Holistic Practitioners do not treat symptoms, which really doesn't help anyone understand how, or why the situation manifested in the beginning. The cause of; the lifestyle, the unhealthy habits need addressing for change to begin. This takes a nurturing, compassionate, time consuming approach. We are licensed private tutors in life science. A Wellness approach is necessary to create a real Healthy Lifestyle.

Working with people regarding their health concerns is a challenging opportunity. Nature provides the Holistic Health Practitioner with the energy, vision and purpose of generating an individually tailored Natural Lifestyles program. Consultations offered at Holistic Health Services are thorough, sincere, dedicated, and are usually one to two hours in duration.

Sessions are equally as long and thorough providing many beneficial results. We hope you will call, email, communicate and schedule in for the Journey of Health. Over the phone consultations are available, however, we have discovered one on one in office is usually more competent and thorough. The sincere, well-informed person obtains wellness and a Healthy Healing. Research is invaluable and offered most dutifully.

We at Holistic Health Services look forward to Serving your Health