Holistic Health Services research's the finest companies and establishes professional relationship with their proprietary laboratories and marketing departments.

Presently we order from over Thirty-Two different companies. All supplements are spectrum analyzed and independently tested. We meticulously research company's claims of purity, strength, and content.

We order from Phyto Pharmica, Mega Foods, Metagenics, Schiff, Twinlabs, Health from the Sun, Amazon Herbs to name a few. Each order is specific to the needs of the individual. All products help the body regain balance, harmony and nutrients it previously lacked. This is the goal of quality vitamin/mineral combinations. A body in deficiency is not able to anabolicaly reconstitute itself properly and in a timely fashion.

Our consultations are thorough and provide the road map for supplemental use. It is then we will place a detailed order tailored exactly for the person with unique health concerns. We strive for Organic, vegetarian, dairy free, chelated, live enzyme formulas, which will complement ones, particular blood type.

Thus, whether it is an herb, vitamin or mineral recipe, Holistic Health Services will tailor a safe regimen individually solely for you. No two people are alike. Everyone deserves a specialized consultation, which remedies the nutrients their body is experiencing deficiency with.

A product we have really found success with is ALL ONE. It is a 66-day supply of the finest ingredients possible. It has organic greens, digestive enzymes, chelated minerals, dairy free, vegetarian, whole food amino acids, 1,000mg of Vit. C and all other complementary, synergistic vitamins such as the A & B complex. We always undersell stores and also provide the consultation, which is referenced, researched and quality.

A body supplied with nutrients it once lacked can experience a genuine healing.

I've ordered quality environmentally aware products from Jeff Shipper for years. He has the highest integrity and very excellent, well researched products for home and health. One product I specifically use and recommend is his Eternity Water Filter. Find out more at:

Please call to schedule for your consultation today and begin your path to wellness.