Bio-Kinetics is a patented Health System that addresses the basic causes of health problems, physical, emotional, and chemical. It improves and maintains health by stimulating the body's energy system, helping to restore energy and function to literally every cell inside the body. Those two words, energy and function, are what health and healing are all about. The medical dictionary defines health as optimal physical, chemical, and emotional well being, where all parts of the body are functioning 100% of the time. "Bio" means "Life", and "Kinetics" means "Energy", so "Bio-Kinetics" is a system for restoring and maintaining life energy so the body can function normally and be healthy naturally. We have actually been able to measure these changes using Kirlian Photography, Electroencephalographs, Surface E.M.G.'s, Thermography and other scientific tests.
When one studies true health and healing, there is a common thread going back thousands of years which states that health depends on 100% energy. Even today, Chinese Philosophy still teaches that "HEALTH IS NORMAL ENERGY FLOW". Professor Harold Burr, a Ph.D. here in the United States, said "ENERGY STARTS IT ALL". Edgar Cayce said: "ALL HEALING IS AN A TUNING OF THE VIBRATIONS FROM WITHIN…". Dr. Albert Gorsee (Gyorsui), who is a medical doctor and an Nobel Prize Laureate, said: "TREATING HUMANS WITHOUT BALANCING ENERGY IS TREATING DEAD TISSUE." These leading scientists all knew that energy is the key to health and healing, not chemistry.
Development of Bio-Kinetics
Bio-Kinetics developed from a research project involving many doctors and researchers from around the world during the last 60 years. Dr. Newsum has participated in this project for about the last 40 years. The objectives of this program were to study every non-medical health care system. Their interests were in understanding and correcting the causes of illness and disease. Many systems were rejected because they only addressed the treatment of symptoms. It was very obvious that the commonly held beliefs that germs, viruses, bacteria, genetics, or any of the dozens of excuses given for why people become ill just didn't hold water. If all these things were really the cause of illness and disease, then shouldn't we all be sick? We all live in the same environment, don't we? Even people who live in the same household don't all get sick. There had to be other reasons.

While researching the different methods, these doctors were able to combine many of the common features with modern discoveries from various fields. Dr. Newsum made two significant new discoveries in the early 1990's that allowed him to develop the Bio-Kinetics Health System. He found a contact point on the body that, when stimulated in a certain way, corrected major energy disturbances. He also discovered that old injuries and scars adversely affected the function of the entire energy system. When he combined these two discoveries and started working with them, he saw healing miracles exceeding anything he had seen or heard of in his 45 years in the health field. After he worked with this new process for a while, he began to share it with other doctors. He wanted them to help him verify his results. One of those doctors was Dr. Baune, who, with his extensive background in neurology, immune responses and neuro-emotional reactions, helped develop a deeper understanding and a wider application of this process. They have worked together teaching these discoveries, and the Bio-Kinetics procedures, to doctors from all over the world for the past 7 years.
How Bio-Kinetics works.
Bio-Kinetics works by stimulating and restoring the energy flow, or communication between all parts of the body. There is a network of nerves and energy pathways in the body that are all linked together, very much like modern computers, only much more sophisticated. This "network" joins all parts of your body, your brain, each organ, each muscle, and every single cell, to form an interconnected system that literally controls everything that happens inside your body. This system is called the "MASTER HEALING NETWORK", and when it is functioning properly it regulates health and healing. A "network" is a system where things are interconnected and work together. It's like the internet, where a computer in your home can communicate with computers from all over the world instantly. The network in the body works in very much the same way, only at a cellular level. And it is through re-integrating this system that the healing, recuperative and regenerative powers in the body become activated, and true healing occurs.

This system is primarily electrical in nature. Unfortunately, during the past few centuries, medical doctors focused so much attention on the chemical side of the body that the electrical was virtually ignored. Some researchers today are still studying the chemical body, hoping to treat disease chemically, but this approach is rapidly giving way to another approach. Professor Murray Gellman, another Nobel Prize Laureate, said "BODY CHEMISTRY IS GOVERNED BY…ENERGY FIELDS." With the right building blocks, your body will produce all the chemicals it ever needs to be healthy. And not only that, they are produced in the right place, in the right amount, at the right time, depending on the energy signals for this Master Network. This means the right balance of hormones, endorphins, peptides, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, digestive juices, joint fluids, and I could go on all day. All these are chemicals that the body regulates energetically. Therefore, by stimulating and re-energizing this network, the body does what it needs to do, not only to heal itself, but to maintain health, vitality and life force throughout life.

In the scientific community, we used to think that the brain was something that sat up in the head and told the body what to do. We saw it as something like a master/slave system where the brain was the master and the body was its slave. We thought that the energy that came from the brain, the "life energy" so to speak, was generated in the brain and was then directed out to the rest of the body for healthy function. Well, science has discovered two things about the brain that significantly shifted this paradigm.

The first is that it is not a master/slave system. It is a true interconnected network, where virtually all parts feed back to all other parts, and where each part is vital for proper functioning of the whole. The brain is not separate, but part of this global system of the body. The brain literally extends throughout the body and the body is actually part of the brain. This is what we mean when we say that it is a network.

The second discovery is that this master network is like a battery, not a generator. It stores and directs energy, but does not generate it. In fact, just as the battery in a car will run down if the lights are left on all night, the master network will also run down if it is not constantly recharged. What keeps the battery in a car charged is a device called an alternator, or generator. This recharged the battery whenever the engine is running. In the body, there are billions of tiny generators that do the same thing. They are actually specialized nerve endings called neuro-receptors, and there are many different types. All neuro-receptors do two things. They send information to the brain for awareness, such as movement, touch, sight, sound, smell and taste; and they also actually supply the energy that keeps us alive. The most powerful and the greatest number of these are in the movement receptors in your joints and muscles. That is why when you are tired, you can get up and move and wake yourself up. That is why people who are more active are healthier, and why exercise is good for you. This is also why newborn babies die if they are not allowed to move, and why people who retire die soon if they are not physically active.

Neuro-receptors are located in precise patterns, the fewest in the toes and feet, with the numbers increasing as we get closer to the brain. The highest percentage, between 60 to 70 percent, is in the spine, and most of these are in the neck, especially just under the skull. We use this knowledge to make Bio-Kinetics more powerful and effective. Through a special process, you learn to correct and maintain spinal problems, and to test and re-activate all other areas in the body where these neuro-receptors are damaged or dysfunctioning. All areas of the body must be activated in order to attain, and maintain, optimal health.
How neuro-receptors become dysfunctional
Neuro-receptors can become dysfunctional from old injuries, sprains, strains, scars from cuts, surgery, injections, and a whole host of other things. These injuries, and the resulting dysfunction of these neuro-receptors, affect the entire energy network. As you accumulate injuries and damage to various areas, you create chaos and slowly diminish the energy that your entire system has to work on.

Damage to neuro-receptors also sets up negative energy patterns, or memories, that affect the body in adverse ways whenever they are activated. Let's say that you injure your ankle for example, and as a result, you are left with neuro-receptor dysfunction in this area. You can't feel it, so you probably won't even know it's there, but every time you move that joint, you activate this memory and this disrupts function throughout the body. This may show up as different symptoms or problems in different people depending on their individual weaknesses, but it is simply a decrease or disruption in the energy system of the body.

Through the Bio-Kinetic process, neuro-receptor function is restored, energy patterns are normalized and the system is stimulated and energized.
How Bio-Kinetics corrects physical problems
All symptoms including pain, stiffness, soreness, and things of that sort are warning signs that there is a malfunction in the body. Stimulating this system and restoring energy flow corrects the underlying causes of these types of problems. Remember there is an energy network inside the body. Any imbalance or dysfunction anywhere in the body can cause all sorts of problems in other areas.

The Bio-Kinetics procedures is also very effective in speeding recovery from most acute injuries. Muscle strains, joint injuries, back problems, cuts, all seem to heal in about one third of the time, and usually without complications.

Also, the function of every single organ is dependent on energy signals for the Master Healing Network. The ancient Chinese knew this when they developed a meridian system. Early Chiropractors knew this when they sought to restore function to organs through restoring nerve function. In the Bio-Kinetics program, you are taught how to find weak organs and then how to correct and strengthen them by stimulating the Master Network System.
How Bio-Kinetics corrects emotional problems
We all know that emotions play a huge part in our health, probably one of the most important. A recent article in the U.S.A. Today newspaper stated that "Emotional stress damages the heart and burns out the brain". There are a lot of reports and articles like this in the media recently. And they are typically talking only about the stress from every day living. Add to that the accumulated effects of old painful memories and emotional traumas of the past that, when recalled or triggered, create more negative responses.

When you break it down, thoughts and emotions are really just different frequencies or energy vibrations. Dr. Robert Becker, a Medical Doctor, in his book, "The Body Electric" said "VARIATIONS IN THE CURRENT (OR FREQUENCIES) FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER IN THE NEURAL SYSTEM APPARENTLY FORM PART OF EVERY FEELING, AND EVERY WORD OF INTERIOR MONOLOGUE, CONSCIOUS OR UNCONSCIOUS, THAT WE CONDUCT IN OUR HEADS." So thoughts and emotions are vibrational, they are electrical. In scientific circles, we talk about these frequencies when we use terms such as Brain Waves, Theta Waves, Alpha Waves, Bio-Feedback, and things like that.

It's been found that old, unhealed emotional traumas are stored as abnormal frequencies, or negative energy patterns. They can affect the entire network of the body just like old physical injuries can. It is possible to uncover emotional issues that are still negatively affecting health. And then to eliminate them. This process is unlike anything previously known, and it really works. We have seen remarkable changes in people's lives, both physically and emotionally, after stored emotional traumas are corrected.