By Robert R. Ballentine
Holistic Health Services recognizes we are all children at heart and love to play when given the opportunity. Children remind us to let go, be ourselves, and have fun. Part of play is learning. Each child learns at his/her own pace and ability. All children are special and love to learn and play.
Children today are much smarter, wiser and apt to perform cognitive and aptitude functions than we give them credit for. In teaching Montessori children here in Encinitas, California, many years ago, I learned the art of creativity with communication. That's where the fun comes into learning. The "Hands On" experience is always the best.
Reflexology is just the Ticket. In learning, we actually have sense centers, marma points, charkas and electrical meridians, which is exciting. As an adult, just think, "If your child learns foot reflexology, you will be in for a foot massage when you get home from work." How great is that?
Robert R. Ballentine, H.H.P. of Holistic Health Services has been practicing Natural Health Care for over thirty-five years and loves working with children and adults. With the simple format of, "Connect the Dots" we will work with children, their parents and friends to increase the hands-on experience of Reflexology.
Meridians truly do exist. In the real world, Bob has used this technique successfully in the critical-care environment in hospitals, as well as, with each session he offers with clients, in his private Holistic Health Practice.
We have Master Points which do often become blocked thus shutting the energy flow down to perhaps just a trickle or in some cases, none at all. This produces many of the 'symptoms" allopathic physicians treat pharmacologically. We Naturopaths only use Nature, Spirit, Fun, Enthusiasm and time-tested, proven techniques from Mother Nature's Health Cabinet.
Let's have some fun with this class and introduce the little ones to Foot Reflexology!
Bob has been called a Master Reflexologist by those who have benefited by his expertises. However, Bob remains humble and only states he is a life- long student of the healing arts. His energetic methods of sharing are charismatic, infectious, (in a good way) and help inspire those to learn more on their own.
In Reflexology we often use our intuition. We also use the direct Science involved and taught. Sometimes the hands know just where to go. This fluidness is the goal of any practitioner. This produces Chi or Energy and re-establishes the energy flow by breaking up the crystallizations, which occur and can be felt and manipulated using Reflexology techniques.
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Wishing you a happy, healthy, wonderful day.