Thixotropy is a phenomenon known and common to all liquid and gel fluids in the body. Lymph, Blood, Synovial Fluids and Connective Tissue’s Hylauranic Acid all share in the natural movement of Ph moving in range from 6.0 to 7.0.
An example. When we sit, the Ph of connective tissues fluid is 6.0. When we stand it automatically shifts to 7.0. This is Thixotropy.
When this natural occurrence is lost due to stress, overuse, under use, nutritive deficiency, or other, the body becomes stiff and less likely to heal. Without blood flow, which delivers oxygen and necessary nutrients to the muscle cells, the body cannot retain its agility, flexibility, nor can it heal normally.
This Induration or Hardening in certain areas is first noticed by pain, discomfort and loss of flexibility in that specific region. One try’s pills, massage, chiropractic and even in advance cases, surgery.
Many of my clients have avoided surgery due to regaining Thixotropy in their musculature. (Please refer to my Testimonial section of this web site.)
Our Motto here at the Ballentine Holistic Health Center is, “Don’t Fix it, Thix it!”
The Best Massage Therapist in the world would take his practice up a quality, clinical level by applying the non-invasive technique of creating Thixotropy in their clients. For without blood supply the muscles are unable to relax.
I offer several at Home techniques also along with in Session workshops designed to make great use of the discovery of this wonderful healing method. It is very simple in design, yet produces major results in practically all applications.
Connective Tissues integrity is essential to adequate blood flow to the surrounding musculature. Imagine two large fishnets hung in a large warehouse. The net on the left is composed entirely of Connective tissue and the net on the right entirely of Muscle Cells. Now, see the nets coming together. They mesh together. It is entirely this working together or synergy, which allows you to walk, stand, sit, breath, laugh and relax.
When this process is compromised you generally feel stiff.
My Holistic Practice is entirely based upon Wellness and Releasing the Bodies Own Healing Processes. Re Creating Thixotropy is natural to the body and much like jump-starting a car whose battery has run low. It is simple and something you may learn to do at home, on yourself, by yourself.
You may email me with questions at or better yet, schedule in.
I have been working with and creating Thixotropy for over Thirty-Five years and counting now. Many, many people have learned its usefulness in their Health Regimen.
It is entirely non invasive, simple and very easy to learn.
Please refer to: “Jobs Body” by Deane Juhan, Chapter Three.