Holistic Health Services offers many varied and time tested methods of Healing.

Experience plays a key role in the Healing Arts. Many wonderful healers, herbalists and Healers have influenced Mr. Ballentine H.H.P. and raised the bar, so to speak, to set a very high standard of excellence gained with each session, consultation and visualization.

We offer full body sessions. They implement, relaxing, meditative, soothing, inspiring breath work which creates Chi. Deep tissue, shiatsu modalities, rolfing techniques are also frequently asked for and offered. Use of special tonings, sound vibrational and guided meditations may be used. These often give us the focus and vision required to sustain a healing. Spiritual, Energy work may also often be called for as well as Emotional Release therapy sessions.

Personal Training in several sport endeavors is also energetically offered. Bob is a natural athlete and has coached basketball. He teaches tennis, golf, swimming, (Ocean & Pool) with Aqua Jogging as a specialty. A few of Bob’s clients are in the professional world and include former NFL players and also Triathletes. Aerobics, exercise and an active, healthy lifestyle are goals for all participants of Holistic Health Services personal training.

Please review the letters of recommendation and gain a perspective only those who have received benefit from sessions, consultations and personal training can offer. Holistic Health Services realizes Prevention, Wellness and Longevity can only be obtained through honest, dedicated work. One must be firmly grounded in a personalized program of wellness to achieve needed results. A personal assistant best facilitates this process. Robert Ballentine coaches with great enthusiasm, knowledge and works within realistic goals both client and trainer set.

Good Nutrition is very necessary for the body to heal, maintain itself and run well under stress. Bob has studied nutrition for over thirty- five years. His work in Vegetarian Restaurants and Natural Health Food Stores spans well over three decades. Many long hours, day, weeks, months and years have gone into creating a quality, referenced library of clinical research individually tailored for the unique person you are. Robert Ballentine’s degree in the Health Sciences includes Anatomy, Physiology, microbiology and chemistry. Yet, Bob has always emphasized study and quality research and is not one to rest on his laurels. Consultations with Bob are thorough, comprehensive, intelligent, referenced and all shed unique light on health obtained through specific nutritive input.

To summarize: The goal and vision of a quality Natural Healing Practice creates the Holistic Model of Wellness, Longevity and Structural Integration. The body responds to manipulation favorably when the therapy suits the client’s needs. Versatility is essential in a quality healing practice. This comes by experience. One needs only read the many and varied research articles and the well written letters of recommendation to realize something real, special and meaningful occurs when you become a client of Robert Ballentine, H.H.P.

He welcomes your comments and encourages you to schedule in to Holistic Health Services for your individualized nutritive consultation, bodywork session, and also personal training if you so choose.

Thank you,
Holistic Health Services