I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob Ballentine for a period of four years in the capacity of his client. Since I am a Professor of Nursing possessing a PhD in Nursing and postdoctoral work in clinical research, I believe that I am qualified to address the professional role of Mr. Ballentine.

Over the years, I have received much benefit from Mr. Ballentine's professional services. He has helped me greatly with physical spasms that I periodically experience in by back. In fact I am happy to say that I have not had a recurrence of the severe spasms I suffered from in the past. This I attribute to Mr. Ballentine's care of me as a client.

Mr. Ballentine treats his clients with a preventive approach. This is best exemplified by his encouragement of a healthy lifestyle which includes such things as appropriate exercise, nutrition, proper body alignment, and stress reduction techniques.

Mr. Ballentine's wealth of knowledge in wellness and holistic practice is impressive. He also keeps current with new breakthroughs in holistic health and the latest research. He imparts this knowledge to his clients.

In summary, I have greatly benefited from Bob Ballentine's professional expertise. I believe he is a caring and empathetic professional who always considers the care of his clients first. It is without reservation that I highly support his work as a professional.

Robert Ballentine, H.H.P. is a caring empathetic individual who constantly strives to bring into fruition the quality healing one's body, mind and spirit may need without treating symptoms. The Art of Healing is accomplished by assisting the body out of deficiency by introducing specific nutrients designed to allow the body to heal itself.

This feat Bob has helped myself and others accomplish.

Thank you - Janet L. Blenner RN, Ph.D.

Dear Bob,

This letter is to let you know how much your therapy has helped me. Reflexology was suggested to help various colon problems including diverticulitis. It definitely helped in more ways that I am aware of.

I noticed immediate changes with improved movement, less pain, and feeling of general well being. Your skill combined with your general caring and sincere attitude make it a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks for making this a great experience as well as a very beneficial treatment.

Kimberly R. Hammond - Encinitas, CA

Bob Ballentine has worked with me for most of the past year, helping me heal a variety of old sports injuries. When he first started to work with me I had constant pain in my hips - simply sitting too long at my job would cause aggravation as well as riding my bike, which I do often. I had chronic knee pain, especially when riding my bike or doing even a moderate uphill hike. At the time I met Bob, a very unusual pain had occurred in my left knee which made it impossible to cross my leg, even slightly, in a sitting position on the floor.

Through an integrated full body approach and some very deep tissue work, Bob has relieved the pain in my hips and knee. My left knee is as flexible as ever. In the past few months the focus has shifted to my neck and back area. In February, I pinched a nerve in my neck and back causing months of debilitating pain and chiropractic care. Apparently I had injured my neck 13-15 years ago, and the injury in February triggered all those years of damage to surface and create CONSTANT pain.

Though the chiropractic care was essential and did help after the first few months, I began to think I would never again have movement without pain (or sleep without pain!) But through Bob's work it is amazing how much better my neck and back are. It is now to the point - if I sleep funny and my neck is sore in the morning - I KNOW it will be better the next day or the next. Prior to his working with my neck area, the slightest aggravation to the area never recovered without chiropractic treatments, and while better, there was always still pain and the relief was temporary.

Bob has great knowledge and ability. He is intuitive and capable in his assessments of his clients' thresholds for deep work and their interests and abilities to further educate themselves along the holistic path. His treatments include nutritional advice, knowledge of the exercises and sports that will help the healing process or those that need to be avoided, and available classes and seminars of personal and healthful interest to the client.

He is a dedicated, professional man who inspires his clients to take an active role in their healing. His work has made a tremendous difference in my life, and he is also a treasured friend.

Maria Annuziata - San Diego, CA

Precious few individuals in my 60 years have so favorably inspired and helped me as Bob Ballentine has done in my time of crisis.

Six years ago my oncologist declared my case terminal, intensive medical treatments having failed. My immune system was seriously compromised, my blood counts perilously low, vital organs and systems (lungs, spleen, liver, circulatory and lymphatic) malfunctioning. I was determined that my weak, emaciated, and embattled body would not only survive whatever it takes; but that - in ways I could not possibly comprehend - I would improve my condition even though my doctor had told me it was hopeless.

Then I met Bob Ballentine who immediately made my cause his as well. In countless ways, and for precious little renumeration, he devoted tireless and continuing efforts to therapy, extensive research and consultation, encouraging me to lead a more wholesome and healthful lifestyle. His profound mastery of human physiology, surely a lifetime of diligent dedication, was put to the test. It was a conspiracy of inspired determination between us that so masterfully guided me toward a condition of greatly improved wellness, functionality and energy.

We have explored and used visualization, meditation, mantras, decrees, song and affirmation and most importantly, Prayer. We allow Spirit and Nature to assist us in the healing process. Bob is also a Native American Prayer Lodge Leader, Pipe Carrier and Healing Flute Player so it is easy for him to help others connect with themselves in a Nurturing, Grounded, Healing way.

I continue to see Bob for sessions as my Holistic Health Practitioner. I also rely upon his referenced, researched recommendations regarding my healthcare. Bob demonstrates a unique gift of personally empowering his clients through being informative with a self-help format and working model of higher self-esteem.

Abe Gurvin - Graphics Artist

I am writing this letter with alacrity to express my whole-hearted appreciation and esteem for Robert Ballentine as my Holistic Health Practitioner.

Five years ago I suffered a near catastrophic soccer injury to the first phalange and metatarsal head of my right foot. This injury was extremely debilitative, leaving me unable to walk even short distances without pain. Following the injury I visited nine different medical doctors, podiatrists, osteopaths, and foot specialists. No doctor was able to properly diagnose the injury or provide a regimen for recovery. After two years, I was devastated, frustrated, near suicidal, and wondering if I would ever be able to return to my life again.

Things changed dramatically after I met Bob. He immediately identified the problem and formulated a regimen to return me to wellness. Bob's knowledge of nutrition, bodywork, and exercise helped get me back on my feet literally. Last year, my wife and I were able to hike Yosemite for the first time in five years. I was able to hike 40 miles in a four-day period.

Today, Bob remains my Holistic Health Practitioner. His enthusiasm for this work and his desire to always be at the forefront of the Holistic Health field can be attributed to his professionalism. These qualities make Robert Ballentine HHP my first line of defense against sickness and injury.

Thank you,
Adam Weissman, Systems Consultant

As a respiratory therapist, Bob Ballentine treated both my father and my mother at Scripps Hospital in Encinitas in 1989. I felt Bob had a great influence on [my father's] improvement. His friendliness and a timely joke during his very professional care kept my father's spirits up…With Mom he went beyond the call of duty in care and concern.

I wish all people were as professionally competent and caring as Bob Ballentine was to my parents. They always felt secure if he was treating them…I would recommend Bob without hesitation.

Barbara H - Realtor Cardiff, CA

I came to Bob with a pain in the arch of my left foot, on the recommendation of another triathlete. In my first session Bob released the tight tissue in my left foot and I was able to run without pain immediately afterward. Bob's deep tissue therapy is now an integral part of my workout schedule, allowing me to train harder without injury. I thoroughly recommend him to any athlete.

Chris Maund - British Natl. Triathlon Squad member since 1989
Chris Mau nd - 5th Brit. Natl. Short course Triath. Camps 1990

Chris Maun d - 1st 20-24 Age Group British Ironman Champs 1991

I have known Bob Ballentine for over 17 years. In that time, I have seen his ability to facilitate healing and even enlighten his fellow man. Bob is in tune with his Higher Self both Spiritually and Physically. His Higher Self guides him to whatever your needs may be.

Bob looks at the Whole Man and not just what is going on the outside. Helping someone get out of deficiency is more important than treating symptoms. I can give many examples of his skill in the Healing Arts and his attunement with God. Bob's dedication to his fellow man is 110 percent. He always goes the extra mile to help some one in need. It is interesting to note how he works.

It's important not to treat symptoms if you are a Holistic Practitioner. Bob does this is in unique ways. He is so informative with quality research and experience. Bob believes the body can and will heal itself when supplied with the specific nutrients it may presently lack. Thus, instead of wasting time and money on peripheral approaches, he goes directly to the Heart of the matter. Working with the Laws of Nature may be the long approach; yet, it is the real approach and should not be compromised.

Bob has the magic touch. There is no doubt about it. Plus his knowledge of the whole man makes him one of the most gifted and sought after of all Healers.

Thank God for Bob Ballentine. He gets my Highest endorsement.

Dennis M. Fisher, Computer Specialist

I am very grateful to Bob Ballentine for being instrumental in a major shift in my physical well being. More specifically, after three rear-end car accidents, I was in so much pain resulting in being bedridden for seven months. The pain in my hip, back, and legs were more than I could bear. Prescription painkillers, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills were all MDs recommended. I tried other more traditional medical treatments, seeing a chiropractor, and physical therapists. All these methods helped somewhat, however, I am an active person, and could not resume regular activities in my "normal" pace. Upon scheduling a session and consultation with Bob Ballentine he immediately suggested I try exercising with a Nordic Track. He knew this machine, if used properly, would work the set of related muscles to increase ROM (range of motion) and decrease my pain. I was frustrated at this point, but was determined to keep trying different things to get better.

I could feel an improvement within a couple weeks. I have been using the Nordic Track 5-7 days a week for 25 minutes each time and have logged over 700 miles to date. Since January 1998 I have experienced steady improvement and have been able to resume a normal life, i.e., biking, hiking and walking without pain. I also feel active and productive. I believe Bob Ballentine H.H. P. had an intuitive sense of what would help in my healing process and has a great understanding in this area of healing.

I continue to consult with Bob whenever I have a health-related question as I value his knowledge and Applied Natural Health Care Experience. For the above-mentioned reasons I strongly recommend anyone with a lingering, chronic health problems, or otherwise, to call Bob and schedule a consultation. I am happy I did.

Donna Levin, Trauma Counselor

I have known Bob Ballentine for several years. As director of the Institute of Health Sciences, I first met Bob at my weekly Pain Relief Clinics. Bob was very interested in the parasympathetic oriented Massage and Body Therapy techniques that I had developed. His persistent interest and focus is reflected in the development of quality pain free therapy work, both light for inflammation and deep for indurations.

Bob attended the Pain Relief Clinic for close to two years, at the same time attending other classes. He also taught Hydrotherapy for the school, and arranged Health Fairs for teachers at a North Couth High School.

Bob became a teaching assistant at the Pain Relief Clinic. His well-rounded education in the holistic health field is reflected in his practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Bob's ability to communicate using effective terminology and provide principles for clinical procedures was extremely valuable, for both the therapy students and guest students (invited public with pain syndromes) who were the volunteer clients.

As the Clinic was a simulation of actual clinical practice, students were required to complete a therapy treatment report on each "client" for whom they had provided therapy. I am most indebted to Bob's understanding of anatomy and physiology. It was extremely valuable in helping numerous students to the point of upgrading their understanding to a professional level.

Teaching therapeutic principles and procedures in a vocational rather than academic curriculum, seems to require more refined and multidimensional communication skills. Bob's ability to teach by the sharing of his inspiration, even more than his skills and knowledge of terminology, stimulated many to unknown heights of academic understanding and self-motivation.

I would highly recommend Bob as skilled, trust worthy and responsible in the practice of therapeutic arts and sciences.

Douglas Peterson, MA, MsT July 7, 1991

I am a professional triathlete who gets massaged regularly to keep my body limber and strong. I am very fussy about who I allow to work on me. Massage is a very important part of my healing and recovery from physical stress, and Robert Ballentine is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. He is very thorough and has great understanding. I trust his judgment completely and recommend him to all my friends.

Janine Daley - Professional Triathlete/Swim Coach

I am pleased with the work you have done on my old body. You may use my name to support your website in any way you choose.

Thank you,
Jim V. - Engineer & Developer

Thanks for explaining all that; whew, that was a long e-mail! Sorry I haven't gotten to read through everything yet, just have a very busy schedule, but am working on it. Thank you soooo much for the treatment last night;I felt/feel so much better. Your massage-thixotropy combo (of course, followed by my nails scratching) is KILLER!!! I love it. Started the Coral Calcium, EFAs, and St. John's Wort this am. Talk to you soon!

Thank you sooooo much for the thixotropy session! My TMJ hasn't felt so much relief EVER. I'm a convert! Thank you also for taking so much time out of your busy day to explain everything to me, and for passing along your great prices on the "products". I started all the supplements this AM per your instructions, and like them all. I have a great future ahead of me as a result of being affected by your healing touch. Thank you also for the awesome CDs; I love them both!!! So soothing to listen to. You are a great person, and I'm so glad we got to meet. Let me know when the Hypericin is in.

Take care, JR

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob Ballentine for a period of ten years in the capacity of his client and now his friend.

Over the years, I have received a tremendous benefit from Bob’s professional services. He has helped me greatly with the physical spasms that I have periodically experienced in my back. In fact I am happy to say that I have not had any recurrence of the severe spasms I suffered in the past. I attribute this to being in his care.

Bob treats his clients with a preventive approach. This is best exemplified by his encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, which includes such things as appropriate exercise, nutrition, proper body alignment, and stress reduction techniques.

His wealth of knowledge in wellness and holistic practice is impressive. He also keeps current with new breakthroughs in holistic health and the latest research. He imparts this knowledge to the people he works with.

In summary, I have greatly benefited from Bob professional expertise. I believe he is a caring and empathetic professional who always considers the care of his clients first. It is without reservation that I highly support his work as a professional health care practitioner.

Gary H. Weissenberger - San Diego, California

I suppose that the highest form of praise for a Health Practitioner is that he is truly interested in the recovery and wellness of his clientele. I can't imagine that anyone could be more concerned with his client's welfare that Bob Ballentine. If you come to Bob with a problem it instantly becomes Bob's personal crusade. He will take whatever steps are necessary to make you well again.

My personal experience with the Ballentine approach has been very productive. I'd had suffered from a very painful hip problem for a dozen or so years. If I moved the wrong way a severe pain would shoot down from my hip through entire my leg - this took the fun out of a lot of otherwise enjoyable activities. A lady friend of mine had recommended bob to me. Though I was initially skeptical, I made the promise to myself that I'd undergo six sessions just to see what would happen. The first thing that happened was that the sessions were painful, but being a big brave boy I keep my screaming and moaning to a respectable minimum. The end game is that after the aforementioned sessions I am pain free and once again the scourge of the basketball courts*, hiking trails and dance floors of San Diego.

I am a happy, healthy and once again mobile client.

Ken Carmichael
Senior Olympics basketball age group Gold medal winning team member

Thanks again for helping me out. I really appreciate your always fitting me in for a session when I need it most. I do appreciate the fact that you're not only a talented practitioner, but also a caring, compassionate, positive-thinking person, responsive to what my particular body and mind need when some part of me is temporarily out of commission. That's the reason I keep putting my back and my feet in your hands!

Again, many thanks, LBH

Bob Ballentine cares about the cells of your body and the spirit that carries them.

Pamela Kladzyk - Artist & Teacher
NYC and Bad Axe, Michigan

I have been a client of Bob Ballentine's since 1992.

With Bob's help my sports injuries are all manageable. His has been a friend and teacher to me, my family and friends for many years.

Bob genuinely cares and teaches at every session. I find the gifts of knowledge he provides to be a real benefit. In turn I give his knowledge as a gift to my friends and family. People can be reluctant to try Holistic Health Practices, so, I will provide a gift certificate from Bob to introduce my friends to his practice.

He really spreads health, knowledge and friendship to those in need.

Phil Reed, Finish Carpenter, Wardell Builders

I was burned with second-degree burns to approximately 45% of my body and admitted to UCSD Medical Center as an inpatient.

While there, members of your staff treated me in a most courteous and professional manner.

I became acquainted with Mr. Ballentine as my Respiratory Therapist. He aided me in my recovery by his extreme professionalism, but just as important, his sense of humor, coupled with his caring and compassionate attributes. He was a most dedicated member of his profession, and I attribute my speedy recovery to his abilities.

I came to know Mr. Ballentine quickly in a short period of time, and my impression was one of respect for him. He impressed me with his respiratory knowledge, and comforted me with his personality and quick wit. Of all the members of the staff at UCSD, my memory of him stands above the rest.

Mr. Richard Parker, Retired Contractor

No matter where my travels take me as a Chef who travels the world on Yachts on the Global Warming Research Vessels...Besides the many months standing on my feet for 12hrs...7days a week and for as long as 6 months at a time...I ALWAYS look forward to a long session from Bob to help "lift" me back up again. Also Bob is a wealth of knowledge on every & any subject of interest I might need to talk about & understand further. I personally will always make a point to come & see Bob EVERY time I'm in the southern California area because "when you've had the best... it's hard to settle for the rest"... Bob is one of my favorite practitioners & I have no problem driving a couple of hours to let Bob do his "magic" on me.... I leave a lighter & brighter & much more know ledged person always thanks to Bob.

Smiles From Colorado Miles Away... all love, Robyn

Thank God for you. I first started with Bob Ballentine in April of this year and what a world of difference he has made in my life. My health problem was originally diagnosed by the medical doctors, but I was left hanging on to the words "there is no cure" and "take these pain pills." Today, through his counseling and treatments, I am on the road to recovery and more importantly hopeful of a healthy future, that will carry me through the rest of my life, healthy in both mind and body. Bob is very knowledgeable in his field and provided me with the many tools I needed to create this healing. It is with confidence and joy that I will refer anyone who needs help in healing and health to Bob Ballentine.

Shirley Pyykko, Free Spirited Housewife
Solana Beach, California

Bob Ballentine has been a good friend for over 10 years, and I greatly admire his dedications to the healing arts. The sessions he has done with me have always left me feeling exceptionally better than when I first walked in the door, not only because he cares for the body, but because he also attends to the soul. He is a loving, caring, Holistic Health Practitioner who gives his clients the very best attention in whatever capacity necessary. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking bodywork and nutritional consultation.


I have been a client of Bob Ballentine's for approximately four years. I am the Chief Financial Officer of a large real estate development firm and am subject to the constant stress of this highly competitive industry. One of the important ways that I cope with this stress, and the stresses of our [modern] culture, is to avail myself of the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage and nutritional guidance as practiced by Bob Ballentine.

Bob's expertise does not stop at his extensive knowledge of human physiology, but carries over into the areas of nutrition and spiritual well being. Bob has a deep interest in a holistic approach to health and practices what he preaches. He is continually researching ways to improve the health of his clients via natural pharmacological methods and/or new understanding of the cellular workings of the human body. What's even more important is that Bob genuinely cares about his clients and will spend numerous hours researching the most obscure sources for treatments that will benefit a client's particular situation. While Bob numbers many world-class athletes among his clients, he directs just as much attention and care to his non-athletic clients.

It is obvious that Bob is passionate about his work. He is also an effective communicator about it as he often explains, in great detail, the manner in which a suggested supplement will help in a given condition, or the workings of the human body. Bob is a natural teacher who is eager to share his knowledge in a readily intelligible and patient manner. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Bob Ballentine as a practitioner and educator of holistic health.

Very truly yours,
William P. Persky, Chief Financial Officer, Oliver Macmillan